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The Netherlands is currently experiencing an increasing number of asylum seekers. This means that there is also a growing demand for suitable housing. De Meeuw is ready to respond to this demand with safe, reliable and above all affordable housing solutions. We offer structural solutions for an ever-present need. We combine high quality with low costs.

The right to accommodation exists from the moment an asylum seeker applies for asylum up until the applicant receives a residency permit or is asked to leave the Netherlands. Asylum seekers centres (azc) come in various shapes and sizes. The average asylum seekers centre holds approximately four hundred residents from approximately forty different nationalities. 



De Meeuw is able to realise a full extension of an asylum seekers centre in a very short time. Asylum seekers often come to a country in large numbers at one time. As a result, accommodation must be arranged quickly. De Meeuw has access to a large selection of building that are immediately available and we are able to quickly meet this demand for extra housing. 

We utilise prefabricated building components as much as possible. This building method enables De Meeuw to guarantee a shortened construction period of up to 50% as compared to conventional building methods. This not only minimises any potential disturbances to the surrounding area due to construction work, but also ensures that your asylum seekers centre can be put to use faster.

An asylum seekers centre from De Meeuw is equipped with living rooms and bedrooms, toilet facilities and complete kitchen facilities. 

Buying or renting housing for asylum seekers?

We offer you a variety of payment options. This makes it possible to rent, purchase or lease an asylum seekers centre. If you are looking for a temporary housing solution, renting might be the best option, as it removes the potential risk in the event that the asylum centre is closed.



An asylum seekers centre from DEMEEUW is delivered turn-key. We take care of everything during the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on daily operations. DEMEEUW offers a variety of possibilities in financing your asylum seekers centre. 

DEMEEUW’s service department ensures that your building remains in optimum condition throughout the entire occupancy period. Are you interested in the possibilities offered by DEMEEUW? Please Contact us.

De Meeuw also creates room for:

For more information, please contact one of our De Meeuw representatives. You can call the number below, or send us an email.

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