It is estimated that between 155 and 245 thousand migrant workers will arrive in the Netherlands by 2015. The contribution of workers originating (primarily) from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE countries), has become vital to the Dutch economy in recent years. It is important for both workers and for and the surrounding area for their housing to be properly regulated.



With over 80 years of experience, De Meeuw is the specialist in temporary and permanent building solutions. Depending on your capacity needs, we can offer you the best solution for housing for migrant workers. De Meeuw is a full service provider, meaning that we support you throughout the entire process.

Are you looking for housing for migrant workers or would you like more information? Please Contact De Meeuw.



An increasing number of migrant workers means a growing demand for suitable housing. De Meeuw is ready to respond to this demand with safe, reliable and above all affordable housing solutions. We offer structural solutions for an ever-present need. We combine high quality with low costs. Due to the flexibility and portability of our buildings, it is possible to create housing close to the work place, and to allow migrant workers to quickly move into their temporary or permanent home. 

With a solution from De Meeuw, you have access to high-quality housing for migrant workers in a short time, whether you require temporary or permanent accommodation. Our standard solutions come in various shapes and sizes, and our specialists can help you put together a building that complies with all the requirements. Housing for migrant workers can be placed almost anywhere and is easy to connect to any necessary facilities.

In short: our housing solutions offer a number of advantages for municipalities, housing providers and employers, not to mention the migrant workers themselves.

Buying or renting housing for migrant workers?

De Meeuw offers you a variety of financing possibilities, making it possible to buy, rent or lease your housing. Depending on the situation, you can work with one of our specialists to find the best solution. 

You can also choose from our selection of used buildings. These buildings have undergone a thorough inspection and their quality is guaranteed. The biggest advantages for you are the building's competitive price, excellent functionality and high-quality. 

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