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The students of today are the professionals of tomorrow. It is important to attract students to help promote a city's development. There are various contributing factors here. In addition to cultural and recreational activities on offer, student housing is key. A healthy living environment ensures that students feel comfortable in the city they live in. 

Many cities do not have access to adequate student housing. Although a number of student housing centres have been built over the past several years, cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht can have a waiting time for student housing in excess of one year.



Depending on the location, the waiting time for student housing in Amsterdam can exceed two years. Those who are willing to take student housing in the outskirts of the city generally have waiting periods of about a year. The waiting period in cities like Utrecht, Delft, Leiden and Nijmegen are also over one year.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, the number of students has risen significantly. Students are choosing to extend their studies, as finding a job has become more difficult. Renting a room has also become more difficult.



De Meeuw offers a unique solution for students housing. As a specialist in modular construction solutions, De Meeuw is able to offer a flexible number of student rooms on short order. 

As a result of the Dutch Building Decree 2012, De Meeuw has adjusted its student housing to meet the new regulations. We have optimised student housing within the framework of the new Building Decree. The new Building Decree includes requirements regarding issues such as fire safety, natural ventilation and living space.  A standard student room is 3 by 6 metres. A very compact and efficient bathroom has been chosen to allow for a more spacious living room and bedroom area. By placing the more humid rooms near the corridor, the living area has been made as roomy as possible, providing daylight and views. We have even considered a desk area, where the student can benefit from natural light as much as possible.

You can also choose from any number of alternatives for the character of your student housing. Are you looking for a high-quality building with a permanent location, or temporary accommodation? De Meeuw has the right solution for every building issue. We often work together with renowned architects, resulting in a diverse number of building styles.


With its extensive experience, delivering buildings on short order is commonplace for DEMEEUW. DEMEEUW utilises prefabricated building components, in other words industrial production, as much as possible. This building method enables DEMEEUW to guarantee a shortened construction period of up to 50% as compared to conventional building methods. This not only minimises any potential disturbances to the surrounding area due to construction work, but also ensures that your student housing can be put to use faster.



Our student housing is delivered turn-key, including toilet and kitchen facilities. DEMEEUW takes care of the entire process, so that you can concentrate on operating your building. DEMEEUW offers a variety of possibilities for financing your student housing. You can choose to buy, rent or lease. Find all the information you need on our payment options page.

DEMEEUW’s service department ensures that your building remains in optimum condition throughout the entire occupancy period. Are you a business owner looking for a building to operate in? Please Contact our service department.


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