De Meeuw creates room for informal care

Most everyone wants to continue living in their own familiar environment for as long as possible. Even when health reasons make this more difficult. A garden house or accommodation close to the person providing informal care can be an attractive solution in this situation. And with De Meeuw, this is easier and faster than you might think. We offer creative high-quality informal care solutions. In collaboration with informal care specialist PasAan, we have developed a special accommodation unit that can be equipped with various flexible facilities. This not only helps lighten the load for healthcare workers and those providing informal care but also helps provide a wonderful home environment for the person in need of care.

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Flexible and practical

An informal care home from De Meeuw is flexible, transportable housing for people in need of care near to their own home. The accommodation units are intended for the elderly who are no longer able to live without assistance, but who choose not to live in a nursing home. The accommodation units are also highly suitable for parents of children with disabilities.  

De Meeuw informal care home are entirely factory prefabricated, helping keep any potential on-site disturbances to a minimum. As soon as the accommodation unit is finished, it is transported to the location. Installing the informal care home takes place within one or two days. De Meeuw informal care homes are completely versatile. The unit can easily be removed as soon as it is no longer needed. 

Within just a few weeks of moving in, my mother started showing a noticeable improvement. it has been a long time (even before being admitted into the nursing home) since i have seen her so happy.
Karin Rozendaal

Customised informal care homes

Every informal home accommodation unit can be customised to suit your individual preferences and the care needs of the resident. You can choose from a wide range of options in terms of colour, quality of finish and materials. We understand how important it is for people to feel at home.

Our accommodation units offer a spacious living room with an open kitchen, a bedroom and a sizeable bathroom. Informal care homes are equipped with all the modern conveniences. If the need for care increases, you can quickly adjust the layout and facilities to suit your requirements. De Meeuw's unique solution allows people with disabilities to live independently for longer without compromising their privacy.

The advantages

  • Healthcare in a familiar environment
  • Live independently for longer
    A focus on comfort, convenience and a home-like environment
  • Complete building solution, including kitchen and bathroom
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Flexible payment options

Advice from a specialist

Our expert consultants are happy to help you find just the right choice for your individual informal care situation. We consider the period of use for the unit, your specific requests and all healthcare requirements. We support you throughout the entire process, from design to operation and maintenance. That's what makes De Meeuw your full service provider of flexible informal care solutions.

More info?

Interested in the endless possibilities that DEMEEUW has to offer for Informal care home? Please contact one of our specialists directly. 

De Meeuw also creates room for:

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