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The demand for nursing home care is in constant flux. Are you dealing with a range of different intensity-of-care levels or experiencing capacity problems as a result of renovations or new construction? Regardless of the situation, your nursing home needs to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. De Meeuw's temporary and permanent accommodation allows you to adapt quickly and easily to capacity issues. Our high-quality, creative concepts make room for excellence in healthcare. Specially developed for nursing homes and tailored to the type of healthcare your clients need.

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They call it temporary, but this building certainly measures up to the quality of nursing homes like moermont and vissershaven. there is definitely nothing temporary about how it looks.

The demand for nursing home care is prone to constant change. There is a certain art to making sure your nursing home can respond immediately to changing needs. De Meeuw has developed two concepts to meet these challenges:

  • The Care Combi Solution for temporary spaces. Room layouts, furnishings and equipment can be adjusted easily and quickly to fit the changing demand for nursing home care.
  • The Zorgsleutel Care Solution for longer term personalised care. With its combination of medical aids, home automation, technology and housing solutions, the Zorgsleutel Care Solution is a sustainable concept offering unique customised options.

Both solutions offer pleasant and comfortable living and working environments. You can choose from a combination of care apartments or individual nursing home rooms with a shared lounge.

Discover the endless possibilities with De Meeuw

Looking to build a completely new nursing home or add an extension to your existing building? Prefer a multi-storey or single storey construction? Our options include permanent extensions, temporary capacity reductions or even relocation. With De Meeuw, you can create just the right space for your organisation, quickly and easily. There is also a wide range of choices in terms of colour, quality of finish and materials.

The advantages

  • Quick access to extra space
  • Flexible layout options
  • Architectural design
  • A focus on comfort and helping occupants feel at home
  • A complete building solution, including lounge, wards and treatment rooms for the elderly
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Flexible payment options

Sound advice and support

When creating your specific concept, we take into account both the period of use for your nursing home as well as any specific requests and requirements you may have.
De Meeuw supports you throughout the entire process. Our specialists are happy to advise you, from making the best choices to providing in-depth guidance on design, operations and maintenance. That's what makes De Meeuw your ideal full service partner.

De Meeuw also creates room for:

For more information, please contact one of our De Meeuw representatives. You can call the number below, or send us an email.

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