De Meeuw creates room for small-scale accommodation

Would you like to continue living independently in spite of a disability? The right small-scale accommodation unit can provide a safe and familiar home environment for clients with a disability, the elderly suffering from dementia or people with mental disorders. De Meeuw provides high-quality accommodation options to meet all your requirements, optimising the balance between the need for privacy and the nature of shared living spaces. 

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Easy assembly

Each resident will have access to their own bedroom. But they will also enjoy the benefits, convenience and comfort of a shared living room and kitchen area. De Meeuw offers accommodation consisting of a variety of components, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and office space (if required). We create the best design to suit your individual needs. The power is in the simplicity of our design, allowing multiple options to be seamlessly combined. The number of possible combinations is virtually endless.

Room for safety

Mental healthcare for all ages has to meet challenges posed by a wide variety of clinical syndromes and mental disorders. Safety is a top priority in choosing a solution for accommodation. That's why we provide rooms with quality fittings and fixtures, camera surveillance, special secured rooms, a neutral design and low-stimulus environment. In addition to medication and personal assistance, some clients also require a safe living environment. De Meeuw’s solutions allow you to easily customise the type of accommodation to suit the capabilities and limitations of your individual residents. 

Attractive and practical

People with physical or mental disabilities require accommodation that has been adapted to their needs. Providing a familiar home-like environment is crucial. De Meeuw offers comfortable, functional and attractive accommodation solutions and high standard facilities. Our home automation and technological support guarantees safe and efficient healthcare. Wide corridors, wheelchair access, versatile layout and the perfect amount of floor space help ensure maximum mobility for your residents.

The advantages

  • Healthcare in a familiar environment
  • Living independently for longer
  • Architectural design
  • A focus on comfort, safety and creating a home-like environment
  • Complete building solution, including toilet facilities, flooring and installations
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Flexible payment options

Personal consultation

Interested in small-scale accommodation units from De Meeuw? Our specialists are happy to advise you on the best accommodation units for your situation. We consider both the period of use for the small-scale accommodation unit as well as any specific needs and requirements. Our flexible accommodation options are the fast and reliable answer to all of your housing needs. We help support you throughout the entire process, from design to operation and maintenance. Making us your ideal full service provider for small-scale accommodation solutions.

De Meeuw also creates room for:

For more information, please contact one of our De Meeuw representatives. You can call the number below, or send us an email.

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