Ifd construction creates room for flexibility

IFD Construction stands for Industrial, Flexible and Demountable construction. De Meeuw builds solutions according to the IFD concept and considers all the possibilities for making changes to buildings. It is important for your organisation to keep up with the rapid pace of technological and social developments in your market.

Industrial construction from De Meeuw

The building components used by De Meeuw are factory-produced. Complete construction modules are produced and assembled as much as possible with built-in technical installations and equipment. All of the components and equipment are highly coordinated, ensuring higher quality, lower failure costs and significantly fewer delivery points. After prefabrication, the modular building components are assembled and completed in a very short period of time.

Industrial production methods mean construction under controlled conditions, whatever the weather. That's why De Meeuw chooses for an efficient and manageable production process. Providing optimised conditioning of materials and quality of buildings. We create ideal work conditions and a pleasant work environment for our employees.


Thanks to De Meeuw’s flexible construction systems, you can easily expand your office building, school, apartment complex or healthcare facility, or even reduce capacities in response to market conditions. Flexible construction makes it possible to adjust or expand buildings at any time.


De Meeuw accommodation was designed with reusability in mind and can easily be dismantled. If a building no longer satisfies the needs of the user, it is possible to adjust the building to meet current demands. If the building is no longer necessary at all, then it can be placed in an alternative location ... or you can return the building to us in part or in full so it can be given a new life.

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