Oirschot, 22nd June 2016. Armed with a brand new corporate identity, De Meeuw is signalling a new chapter in the company's rich history. The launch symbolises the next step towards the future of De Meeuw, who, in recent years, has made a strong name for itself as a supplier of flexible, functional building solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of today.

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. We look for solutions that will survive this dynamic - spaces that are effectively future-proof. De Meeuw grants people physical and metaphorical space with its flexible, circular building solutions, which are developed with change in mind. De Meeuw solutions can evolve along with the market demand. It is this vision that has driven De Meeuw's solutions in recent years. It is tangible within the organisation, the product portfolio and service. The new look and feel needed to reflect this story.

Origami inspiration

The new logo is modular. This emphasises the adaptability and re-deployability of our solutions: both important foundations in a new world, which demands dynamic and circular solutions. The origami link is visible: that blank sheet of paper that has the potential to become anything the person holding is capable of imagining.


Builders of the future

"A bold logo needs a bold statement. FUTURE-BUILDERS", comments Dennis Bol, Marketing Manager at De Meeuw. "A statement that instantly tells people what De Meeuw does and communicates our vision. A supplier of smart, circular and future-proof solutions. A partner who remains forward-facing, looking that bit further than the standard solutions. Who offers dynamic solutions fit for any future purpose and any future scenario. We are Future-builders." Els van Mierop expands: "When you work with De Meeuw, you are constructing part of everyone's future. Your own and our clients'."

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