'Smart living solutions that contribute to comfortable living and personal happiness in a constantly changing world.' This is the shared vision which is guiding De Meeuw and the TU Eindhoven's close collaboration towards creating the next step in comfortable living.


As a flexible housing concept and De Meeuw brand, NEZZT offers a flexible living environment that changes with the wants and needs of people throughout the different stages of their lives. NEZZT homes change, grow, shrink and effortlessly adapt to new situations, offering dynamic construction with space to be able to opt for change. And we look beyond. Because ultimately, it is not about building - it is about living.

For this reason, 31 TU/e students are working on 13 projects to develop smart solutions that align seamlessly with NEZZT's dynamic living environment. The projects range from lamps with built-in to-do lists and kitchens that actively help you cook, to interactive diaries with a smart flip-over function


The collaboration with the TU/e supports De Meeuw's ambition to develop innovative solutions that are appropriate for a time in which people are living, working and existing differently. Dennis Bol, marketing manager: "This collaboration with the TU Eindhoven enables us to further enhance NEZZT's already dynamic building method and, together, concretely define living in the future; from building to living. All the while, keeping continually changing needs in the back of our minds when designing solutions that are just as flexible as our buildings themselves."


Throughout the project, the students receive coaching from specialists from the TU/e and NEZZT. The students delivered an interim presentation of their solutions at the end of October. The final presentations took place at the end of December. And that is just the start of it: we will be choosing a number of the ideas to develop further for installation in our NEZZT homes. The collaboration with the TU/e is not a one-off project; this is an ongoing collaboration, in which the ambitions of NEZZT and the fresh innovation strength of the TU/e complement one another. NEZZT IS NOW.

De Meeuw also creates room for:

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