'Smarter Living' House

At what is the fifth Dutch Technology Week, the 'Smarter Living House' by De Meeuw is centre-stage. The innovative care home combines technology, home automation and services for innovative living. Dutch Technology Week takes place from 23rd - 29th May 2016 and is centred around three themes: Smart Cities, Smart Mobility and Health, whereby this year, a large part of the Health section schedule concerns innovation in health care.


The Smarter Living House is the combined initiative of various partners. The aim is to make independent living possible for longer thanks to the use of technological development. We all will become caregivers at some point in the future. What does the caring of the future look like compared to now? Which challenges do we face as a care society at large? What is the role of technology in this?


So as to get a glimpse of the possibilities ahead, from 25th May, the Smarter Living House will be on show in the 19 Septemberplein in Eindhoven. This will offer the public a very gentle introduction to care and home automation devices, which have already made their way onto the market.


Inside the house, the three themes of 'Smarter Living', 'Smarter Together' and 'Smarter Care & Support' will be touched upon by experts, and the technology explained.


The Smarter Living House is an initiative by Coöperatie Slimmer Leven 2020 in collaboration with partners and members, including: De Meeuw, Summa Zorg, Van Egdom Security, Welzijnservices, Centrale24, Het Huis van Morgen and Zorgbelang Brabant. For more information on the Smarter Living House, please visit the website.

Een impressie van het Slimmer Leven Huis
The smarter living house touches on various aspects of living, technology, home automation and services, which are all necessary to be able to live independently at home for longer. the smarter living house is a unique collaboration between the various partners active in these fields.
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