External maintenance re-designated

On 1st January 2015, the budget for the external maintenance of primary school buildings was re-designated from the local councils to school boards. This makes school boards wholly responsible for all maintenance and any refurbishments.

Maintenance budgets

Consolidating the budgets for internal and external maintenance is a sure step towards more efficient and better school premises. Proper maintenance is important. A school building should tie in with educational objectives.

Unfortunately, the quality of school accommodation in the Netherlands isn't always up to scratch. Many school buildings are antiquated, the indoor environment in 80% of schools is classed as poor to average, and buildings are no longer equipped for modern purposes.

Many school boards have inadequate expertise in maintenance, and are struggling with the new and additional responsibilities that external maintenance brings with it. De Meeuw has a wealth of experience in maintenance, and is able to support its clients in making the right maintenance decisions.

De Meeuw also creates room for:

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