Tiny Housing is the latest craze, with enthusiasm for the phenomenon growing hugely of late. In February, the Almere municipal council launched a competition in partnership with company the Woningbouwatelier, based around new ideas for ways of living. NEZZT, part of De Meeuw, entered the competition in collaboration with firm, Diederendirrix Architects.

The Tiny House Movement has spread across the globe, promoting the case for an alternative way of living. Tiny Housing suggests that large houses are unnecessary, and focuses on efficient living. Affordability, sustainability, a unique character and 'liberated living' are the guiding principles behind the movement, which began in the US and has now gained popularity the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

'Liberated Living' Competition

The Almere municipal council launched the initiative to explore the need and possibilities for smaller dwellings for households in the form of compact, affordable housing. BouwEXPO 2016/2017 was used as a vehicle for this. The show is intended to serve as a catalyst for an innovative, affordable and sustainable building movement in the name of 'liberated living'.

On the back of BouwEXPO 2016/2017, the council organised a competition in partnership with Het Woningbouwatelier, based around innovative ideas for living.

The winners of the 'Liberated Living: Your Ideal Tiny House in Almere' were announced on Wednesday 6th July. Under the watchful eye of Housing Minister, Stef Blok, a professional panel chaired by Mayor Weerwind selected the winners. NEZZT won the Permanent Tiny Housing category. The winners were given an option on a development site and permission to commence building their Tiny House with immediate effect.

A collective of knowledge and experienceg

'Lavish living: on the small side' is a co-production of NEZZT and Diederendirrix Architects who presented their shared vision under the motto, 'less is more'. Particularly if you can live lavishly: on the small side, that is, in comfort, unique quality and a personalised interior, compactly and extremely efficiently, sustainably and saving energy all the while, thanks to advanced technology.

Small, smaller, smallest. This is the essence of the changing housing scene. The proof is all around us: families are shrinking and the number of single households is increasing exponentially. Furthermore, a growing generation attaches value to a different way of living. Obligations, responsibilities and ownership no longer matter; having complete freedom, does.

The design

'Lavish living: on the small side' is based on one key principle: a multi-functional base with an area of 30m2, whose interior can be transformed in no time to serve the space requirements. 30m2 is the ideal amount of space to eat, relax, host or socialise in. What's more, the interior is adaptable to the constantly changing daily requirements. As such, the home is used to its full potential, every single day.

The possible permeations are endless. For example, a smart, flexible wall cabinet can be used in multiple ways; in one simple manoeuvre, the living room can become the lounge, a bedroom, the dining room, entertaining space or a cinema room. The space is yours to use as and when you wish.

The series of panels on the façade allude to the parcelled crop field’s characteristic of Flevoland, each field having its own particular use and character in each of the seasons. The same goes for the cluster that is manipulated at the different points in the day. Their inhabitants' use dictates the experience from within and without. Our Tiny Houses live.

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