'To work together in a light and open building' was the vision behind the building's design.

The classrooms are positioned transversally, creating a different dynamic in the space. Sliding glass walls provide views onto the central hall. The large central space has been designed as a learning environment and promotes collaboration, presenting, research and meeting-up. The toddlers have their own section, which offers plenty of playing space and a safe environment.

The modular build approach will enable the building to remain supportive of educational needs. Walls can be easily removed to create an entirely different composition within the building, adapting to future wants and needs.


KBs De Heeswijk

KBs De Heeswijk



A stimulating environment

Any educational building is built from the inside out. The building's use is leading, closely followed by its architectural integration into the environment. Our objective is to achieve the two. Only then are we satisfied.

At KBS de Heeswijk, both of these aspects have been combined thanks to the possibilities offered by the building system. The result is a balanced building. A clean building, whose interior we've once again been able to design, together with the users, in the form of permanent furniture. It's these details that have made this project a complete, cohesive whole. The vision for the school has been translated into flexibility, light, space and colour.

Now, you can work anywhere in the school. before, we had to stay in the classroom

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