KLM Cargo

De Meeuw has created a new, permanent porter's cabin at Schiphol airport on behalf of client, KLM Cargo.

After over 30 years' use, the old unit was in need of replacing.

Project DeTAILS

Portiersloge KLM




The build

The building is approximately 80m2, excluding the structural awning. Sodexo is the facilities company that took care of the tendering process and build supervision. Promptness in delivery of the accommodation was paramount; so much so, that KLM's management was involved with the proceedings. There were some incidental hold-ups in the construction - none of which down to us - but the project was eventually completed to the satisfaction of all parties. One such delay could certainly not have been foreseen: the discovery of a WWII bomb elsewhere on the KLM site. The process of disabling the bomb and the associated safety precautions took up number of weeks.


The final building boasts all the modern comforts, including climate control, an elevated computer floor and ample glass, right up to the corner pillars. The climate control units are neatly disguised behind the large KLM sign. The wide awning and waiting area provide shelter for the users, keeping them dry at all times.

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