The new ABG

The ABG area in Bergen op Zoom is of particular historical significance to the city. For a commission from the TanteLouise-Vivensis foundation, in early 2015, De Meeuw built a temporary nursing home, which is to last for the next six to eight years. The new ABG emanates warmth and hospitality. 'Home from home' is a guiding principle at TanteLouise-Vivensis, and thus the motivation behind the metres-high photos of the Bergen op Zoom of-old being exhibited on the sidewalls of the building. The building accommodates 200 residents.


TanteLouise - Vivensis

Stichting tanteLouise - Vivensis

Bergen op Zoom



A homage to the city of bergen op zoom, its inhabitants and rich history. these images are also familiar to the residents, with a view to provoking a certain sense of homecoming
Niels van Leest, architect / designer at De Meeuw

Reuse at the core

What's special about this building, is that it is constructed from used materials. A good proportion of the building components are taken from previous care projects, producing a smart housing solution that perfectly meets the needs of TanteLouise-Vivensis - both in terms of size and functionality, quality and feel. And - not least - in terms of budget.

They call it temporary, but this building certainly measures up to the quality of nursing homes like moermont and vissershaven. there is definitely nothing temporary about how it looks
Jef Pelgrims, chairman of the board, Vivensis

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