System construction creates room for efficiency gain

System construction as a building method offers an alternative to conventional techniques. Conventional construction involves building on-site step-by-step, from the foundation to the last details. Flexible construction means that the building is first made entirely in the factory from prefabricated components and then later placed on site and completed. This can include prefabricated walls, floors and ceilings. This building method ensures that construction take place more quickly and the construction site is utilised for a shorter period of time as compared to conventional methods.

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system construction & modular construction: room for complete freedom

De Meeuw builds modular solutions. A construction method that has a lot in common with system construction. Both methods involve industrial production. Modular construction takes industrial production a step further, integrating and installing complete construction modules (including technical installations) as much as possible into the production process. All of the components and equipment are highly coordinated, ensuring higher quality, lower failure costs and significantly fewer delivery points. After prefabrication, the modular building components are assembled and completed in a very short period of time.


There is often the misconception that this building technique only supplies 'mass-produced buildings'. The modular construction system from De Meeuw has a proven history of providing a wide range of high-quality detail work and designs with prefabricated elements. There are very few restrictions to the layout options and there is a great deal of freedom regarding the appearance and individuality of the building itself. The architectural possibilities are endless.


The advantages of DEMEEUW's modular construction:

  • Solutions that change with your capacities
    Flexible solutions. Keeping an eye on changing user numbers, different building functions, new trends and technical developments. In terms of volume, function, comfort and individuality.

  • Sustainable in every respect Industrial production and reusability are the pillars of a sustainable future. Where buildings are seen as a kind of reserve for components and finished and raw materials that can be reused time and time again.

  • Crucial efficiency gains
    Our production process can reduce the total construction time by up to 50%. This also guarantees less on-site disturbance caused by construction, less risk of delays and earlier commissioning times.

  • Financially advantageous
    Reusing buildings, components and materials can help you retain the maximum economic value of your building. Your investment is scalable ... just like our solutions.

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