Room for endless possibilities

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. With all the space you need to develop as an individual and to go in search of your own personal happiness. We have access to more and more of this space in the choices we make in our private and professional lives. The world needs leaders to guide it step-by-step, making all of these endless possibilities visible, tangible and attainable. Leaders, pioneers of reform and inspiring innovators with a clear vision of the future, today. 

Your advantages:

  • Central contact point: from the first inquiry to project realisation
  • Specialised in construction: over 85 years of experience
  • Speed: ready in half the time required for conventional construction methods, keeping on-site disturbances to a minimum
  • Continuously adjustable solutions: versatile forms, functions and capacities
  • Pragmatic: practical expert advice
  • Flexible payment options: rental, purchase or buyback

Pioneers that put the interests of the world before their own in everything that they do. De Meeuw is pioneering an inspiring world of flexible construction filled with endless possibilities.

A world that literally provides people with the space they need to optimise their growth. 

A world that inspires architects and builders alike and that gives the people of De Meeuw space for personal growth and development. A world of endless housing possibilities for end users and a new horizon in flexible housing concepts for the healthcare and education sectors. A world that looks toward the future in its sustainable solutions of today. Considering both materials and people. De Meeuw creates room for inspiration. Room for growth. Room for development. Room for happiness. 

De Meeuw also creates room for:

For more information, please contact one of our De Meeuw representatives. You can call the number below, or send us an email.

+31 (0)499 572 024

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